Brian Breach:

From Tragedy to Triumph - A Journey of Creativity and Empowerment

As time went on, Brian ventured into various ventures, including the creation of Sikey Clothing, co-founding GTPS printing, and assuming the role of CEO at Sikey Co, a thriving social media company. Eventually transitioning away from music, he gained recognition in the realm of viral videos and sketch comedy. One of his initial social experiments went viral on an international scale, garnering attention from major media outlets such as FOX, MSNBC, CNN, Inside Edition, and Yahoo. Brian has amassed a significant following on social media platforms, boasting verified accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, with over 123,000 followers on Instagram alone.

In recent years, Brian has become a sought-after speaker at major events across the country, sharing his experiences and insights. He has also been a guest on numerous podcasts, radio shows, and television programs, while gracing the covers of multiple magazines and participating in various interviews. Currently, he is working on his own television show called "America's Gone Viral" and collaborating on a new streaming platform called INTV, alongside esteemed partners such as Wilhelm Cashen, chairman of the Tesla Foundation, Christine Curran, host of the Dining Divas TV show, and actor-producer Len Davies.

Amidst his busy schedule and ambitious projects, Brian remains dedicated to leaving a lasting impact on the world while empowering others. His determination, resilience, and creative pursuits continue to shape his remarkable journey.

Brian Breach is a multi-talented individual who has made a name for himself as a creator, entertainer, TedX speaker, and social media influencer. However, his journey to success was shaped by a challenging upbringing in a tumultuous environment, marked by a distant father and an abusive mother. At the age of 13, tragedy struck when he lost his mother to AIDS, turning his life upside down and forcing him onto a path of self-reliance.

Throughout his teenage years, Brian faced further hardships, enduring the loss of several more family members and experiencing one tragedy after another. It was during high school that he not only worked multiple jobs but also discovered a passion for music, which became his solace during difficult times and a catalyst for his entrepreneurial spirit.

Following high school, Brian formed a group with his friends, including Lex One, and embarked on a musical journey that spanned over a decade. They had the opportunity to perform alongside some of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry, and one of their songs even aired nationally on a television show for three years. Alongside his music career, Brian co-founded the independent label GTPS and the highly successful hip-hop blog Getthatpaperson.

Photographer: David Hoheb

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