Daiyaana Muhammad:

A Journey of Compassion and Balance

By Guillaume Jean Lefebvre

Daiyaana Muhammad, whose name means "Divine" in Arabic, carries a spiritual essence that reflects her life's work and personal ethos. Born in California and raised in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Daiyaana's upbringing was influenced by a diverse cultural environment and a strong sense of community.

From a young age, Daiyaana exhibited a profound interest in the well-being of others, particularly children. This passion naturally led her to a career in nursing, where she found immense satisfaction in caring for her patients. Her compassionate approach and dedication to meeting her clients' needs have defined her professional journey, making her a respected figure in her field.

Daiyaana's professional path began with her first job as a nurse, a role that allowed her to blend her innate nurturing qualities with her professional skills. Her compassionate approach is characterized by meeting her clients where they are, fulfilling their unique needs with professionalism and ethical integrity.

In addition to her nursing career, Daiyaana has embraced her passion for physical wellness by becoming a Pilates teacher. This dual career not only underscores her commitment to health and well-being but also highlights her versatility and dedication to helping others achieve their best selves.

Balancing a successful career with her personal life, Daiyaana is a proud mother of three. She believes that maintaining a balance is crucial, ensuring that she can be fully present for her children while also taking time for herself. "We cannot pour from an empty cup," she says, emphasizing the importance of self-care in her approach to both motherhood and her professional roles.

Recently, Daiyaana has ventured into the prestigious world of fashion, drawn by the creativity and opportunities it presents. Her foray into this industry reflects her multifaceted interests and her ability to adapt and thrive in new environments.

Looking ahead, Daiyaana aims to continue balancing her professional achievements with her personal happiness. She aspires to be perceived as someone who enjoys both her professional and family life, embodying the qualities of a compassionate caregiver, a dedicated professional, and a fun-loving individual. Her journey is a testament to her ability to harmonize her passions with her responsibilities, making her a role model for many.


1. You recently made your debut in the fashion world. What attracted you to this industry and how has it enriched your professional journey?

I love the openness of the fashion world. You can see all different shades of colors, no weight restrictions as curvy models are now at their peak, and all sexual orientations. Creativity makes people free. It enriched my journey as I love posing for photographers almost like for a painting.

2. Fashion is a highly creative field. How do you find inspiration for your projects and collaborations in this sector?

I am lucky enough to have a diverse background. So I know what appeals to different communities. I am also sensitive, so I am highly attuned to people. It gives me an advantage to spot the good trends.

3. You have an established career as a nurse and Pilates instructor. How do these two roles complement each other in your daily life?

I know how I am going to treat my children. I know exercises to do. So it’s very good for my family life. I bring an understanding of sports to nursing, and in Pilates, I am all ears for my body.

Model: Daiyaana Muhammad
Photographer: Artem Kononenko
Publicist: Gaëlle Behi

4. What is your personal philosophy on health and well-being, and how do you implement it in your own life?

I try to exercise. I am keeping my health top-notch with my food diet.

5. As a mother of three children, how do you manage the challenge of juggling your professional and family responsibilities?

I believe finding a balance between presence and moments of my professional life allows my children to develop their own personalities when I am absent. It only makes me more eager to enjoy the present moment with them.

6. What are the most important principles or values you aim to instill in your children?

Compassion and freedom.

7. You mention the importance of not pouring from an empty cup. What are your favorite methods for recharging your batteries?

I love Pilates but also healthy juices.

8. How do you ensure you maintain a healthy balance?

My family comes first, so I ensure my schedule makes me more present with them. It is only good memories to share.

9 . What advice would you give to other women seeking to find a balance between their career and family life?

To empower themselves to do things men do, but to remember that you only live once and our children are our legacy.

10. What are your future projects or goals in the fields of fashion and well-being, and how do you plan to continue evolving and growing as a professional in the coming years?

I’d love to have more TV opportunities to showcase all my knowledge in fashion and well-being.


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