Jessica Morris:

From Soap Opera Stardom to Thrilling Heights – A Journey Through Diverse Roles, Love, and Creative Collaborations

By Guillaume Jean Lefebvre

1. You have had a remarkable career in the entertainment industry, including a notable role as Jennifer Rappaport on "One Life to Live." How did this experience influence your journey as an actress?

My character on this show was very troubled and made many mistakes. This gave me an opportunity to learn how to play a person who, although slightly irredeemable in some situations, can also have a huge heart. Giving compassionate characteristics to a flawed character is something I have taken with me in other roles that I have played.

2. At what age did you want to become an actress? What motivated you to pursue this career?

I fell in love with acting at the age of 12. The first time I got on stage and became someone else, I felt a sense of confidence and comfort that I had never before experienced.

3. Your latest project, "Break In," showcases your versatility as an actress. Can you share more about your character Heather and the challenges she faces in the movie?

Heather is in the process of leaving her abusive husband (played by William Baldwin), who tries to convince her to stay in the marriage. Meanwhile she is having an affair with another man. While staying at her late mother’s house, an intruder torments her. Ultimately, she has to fight for her life, only to discover the real horror behind the home invasion and finally get her revenge.

4. Break In" features a suspenseful storyline with a masked killer. What drew you to this project, and how did you prepare for the intense scenes?

The contained aspect of the movie is a challenge I found to want to take on. For the intense scenes, I listened to music and honestly had to go to some dark places in my mind.

5. With an extensive list of credits on the Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network, you've become a fan-favorite. What do you enjoy most about working on Lifetime projects, especially within "The Wrong" franchise?

I love the thriller format and how the protagonist must always find strength within herself to overcome her circumstances.

6. In addition to your Lifetime credits, you've appeared in diverse roles, including the Netflix series "The Upshaws" and the Party of Five reboot. How do you approach portraying characters in different genres and platforms?

I just try to find the truth in every character I play, regardless of genre.


7. Congratulations on recently being featured in People Magazine for your wedding! How do you balance your personal life with the demands of a successful acting career?

Thank you! It is not easy, especially since my husband Rib Hillis, is also a working actor. Many times, one of us is out of town on a shoot. But we make it work by visiting each other when possible, having wonderful communication and because we really understand the demands of the job since we are in the same industry. FaceTime dates can be really fun too!

8. You co-wrote and starred in the TV movie "Twisted Little Lies." Can you share more about the creative process behind this project and working with your co-star Melissa Archer?

Melissa and I came up with this story over cocktails one night and just ran with the idea. What started as sort of a hobby, turned into a job for both of us and it was amazing to watch it come to life.

9. The horror thriller, "The Onania Club," directed by Tom Six, generated great anticipation. What attracted you to this project, and how does it differ from your previous roles in the horror genre?

What was incredible about this project was that we improvised most of the scenes. We only had an outline to go on, and then talked it through with our scene partners and just made it up as we went. This was terrifying but actually very liberating.

Talent: Jessica Morris
Photographer: Tim Schaeffer

10. You've been part of various Christmas movies, including "A Christmas Cruise." What draws you to holiday-themed projects, and do you have a favorite Christmas movie?

I can watch the movie Elf over and over again. The joy and silliness in this movie is a pure delight. I love watching and being in Christmas movies because it is great to get in the holiday spirit and just play and be more light hearted.

11. With your participation at The Family Film Awards and other industry recognitions, how do you feel about being acknowledged for your contributions to the entertainment world, and what are your future goals and projects?

I’m currently starring in a movie that Rib and I co-wrote. In the future, I would like to collaborate more with him so that we can work together and get to spend more time together.

12. If you had advice to give to the child you once were, what would it be?

I would tell her to believe in herself more but I could still give the inner me that advice currently.

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