Behind the Lens:

Jonas Bloquet's

Journey from The Nun 2 to La Nuit Se Traîne

By Guillaume Jean Lefebvre

1. Even though you are part of a successful cast in the film The Nun 2, could you introduce yourself to those who are discovering you?

My full name is Jonas Jean Bloquet. I go by Jonas, thanks to my mom. I was born in Brussels in 1992. That makes me 31 years old. I moved to Paris after high school, where I still live today with my wife and my newborn son. I’m an actor but also a director. I love cinema, obviously; I love sports and food as well. I’d actually put food first.

2. With your recent role in The Nun 2, which is currently a hit at the box office, how has the audience response been, and what drew you to this particular project?

The audience for The Nun 2 is fantastic. I think the audience for the horror genre is fantastic. It’s the type of movie you want to see in a dark theatre, on a big screen, with Dolby sound. So I’m not surprised that the movie did so well at the box office. And I just consider myself lucky to be part of it. I enjoy every minute of it. To be a box office hit nowadays is a hell of an achievement!

3. Having been part of the 1899 series on Netflix and now starring in a major film, how does the experience of working in a series differ from that of a feature film, and which do you find more challenging or fulfilling?

I don’t really have a preference for one or the other. I would say this: as an actor, it’s really pleasant to develop a character - in a series, you obviously have more space for that. The character is more nuanced, and its evolution has a higher scale. But a film is a one-time thing, like a piece of art, in which you have to condense everything. It’s different because you have to make sharp decisions but challenging as well.

4. The horror genre can be intense. How do you prepare for psychologically demanding roles, and what attracts you to projects with such a thrilling and suspenseful atmosphere?

A horror film is, in my opinion, very fun to do. Playing fear is exhausting but also liberating because it's very physical. You don’t think; you just do. As a spectator, I always loved horror films, so when I got the audition for The Nun, I didn’t hesitate for a second. Being a part of The Conjuring Universe is just mental.


6. Beyond your on-screen roles, you've had a diverse career. What kind of roles or genres are you personally drawn to, and are there any specific challenges you enjoy tackling as an actor?

I love the diversity, I love roles that don’t suit me right away. I try to create. I wouldn’t choose a film by its genre because I’d love to do everything, really, and I’m always open to new challenges. I would choose a film by the story it tells, if I see myself having a blast portraying this particular character, and if I get along well with the director. Because I think the director/actor relationship is essential to make good stories. I do have actors and their careers that inspire me, of course: Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Steve Carell, Tom Hanks, Matthias Schoenaerts…

7. The Nun 2 delves into the horror genre. Can you share any memorable or challenging moments from the set, and how do you handle the balance between intensity on set and relaxation off set?

When you spend a 12 hour day with a demon make-up and yellow lenses, it’s challenging enough. You wake up at 4am, you have 3 hours of make-up with 3 pairs of hands on you, try to relax, then you do your scene, then 2 hours of « make-down », try to relax, do another scene, then another 3 hours of make-up, try to relax, do your last scene of the day and finish with another 2 hour of « make-down ». You get home at 11pm, it’s a well deserved nap before you start all over again the next morning. But it’s all fun!!

8. Being part of successful projects brings attention. How do you personally handle fame, and how has it impacted your approach to your craft and choosing future roles?

I don’t have to handle fame; I’m not famous. Frenchie is, and I’m perfectly fine with that. If I can make my characters famous and stay in the shadow, I’ll consider I do a good job. And if fame knocks on my door, I will be fine as well. I’m well surrounded. And as for roles, I’ll never choose a film for fame.

Actor: Jonas Bloquet - @jonasbloquet
Photographer: Guillaume Plas - @guillaume_plas.
Location: Les Caves Saint Gilles in Paris
Agency: Agence French Lights - @agencefrenchlights

9. The film industry is evolving, especially with the rise of streaming platforms. How do you see the future of cinema, and do you have a preference for theatrical releases or streaming services?

Cinema has to live. I will not criticize the streaming platforms because it offers so many job opportunities in every sector of the industry. They open doors to everyone. I think cinema has to renew itself. For now, most movies that work in cinemas are popcorn movies, sensation movies, which is fine, but we have to keep fighting for the other movies as well. How? I don’t know. But what a shame if « Seven » was first released on streaming, or « Forrest Gump » or « Pulp Fiction ». I’ll always prefer a theatre release of course, as any film geeks would

10. In addition to acting, you have also directed short films. How does your experience behind the camera influence your approach as an actor, and do you have any aspirations to pursue more directing opportunities in the future?

I studied both acting and directing. I want to pursue both and I think, even if they require different sets of skills, you have the same purpose: telling stories. They combine perfectly. Directing makes me aware of the the camera when acting. And acting makes me closer to the actors when directing. I truly enjoy both but I think you must be a bit lunatic when you decide to direct a film. The work is so intense and immersive. It’s scary sometimes.

11. Looking ahead, are there any upcoming projects or roles that you are particularly excited about, and how do you envision your career progressing in the coming years?

I can’t wait to see « La Nuit Se Traîne », Belgian film I played in in early 2023. I think it’s gonna be really great. I’m directing my next short film pretty soon, which I’m very excited about. And what I wish for the next years is to keep living amazing experiences, working around the globe, meeting new collaborators AND playing for Tarantino, Scorsese, Fincher, Vinterberg and Bong Joon-Ho. I do dream big but if not, what’s the point?

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