Julinda Burushi

A Passionate Fashion Designer
Born for Creativity

By Guillaume Jean Lefebvre

Julinda Burushi, a name rooted in the heart of Albania, carries a profound meaning - "Born for you." It's a fitting reflection of her lifelong commitment to the world of fashion and design.

Julinda's journey began in the picturesque city of Kruja (Krujë), Albania, a place adorned with one of the oldest castles and a rich tapestry of history. Growing up in this enchanting setting, she was immersed in culture and creativity from a young age. But it was her upbringing in an artistic family that truly set the stage for her future.

Her earliest memories are intertwined with the vibrant tapestry of her aunts' small sewing business. Here, amid the flurry of women trying on dresses, young Julinda discovered her love for the artistry of fashion. The intricate interplay of colors and designs fascinated her, but more than that, she witnessed the transformative power of passion and dedication as her aunts pursued their dreams.

After completing her high school education, Julinda embarked on a journey that would define her career. At a young age, she left her homeland and ventured to Italy, where her love for fashion and design found new avenues. She continued to nurture her artistic flair, channeling it into her sketches and collaborating with brands to design T-shirts. The allure of the fashion world beckoned her further.

In December 2017, Julinda made a life-changing move to New York City, a place synonymous with creativity and innovation. Since then, she has graced the runways, both in the bustling streets of NYC and the fashion capital of the world, Milan, Italy. Her journey as a fashion designer was gaining momentum.

Julinda's role as a fashion designer is a meticulous craft that involves understanding her audience and weaving her cultural heritage into exquisite designs. She draws inspiration from the diverse and stylish dresses she encountered while attending weddings in her homeland. This cultural richness infuses her creations with a unique flair, resulting in extravagant dresses that captivate the eye.

Her professional journey is punctuated by significant accomplishments, including successful runway shows in the heart of New York City and Milan. Beyond the limelight, Julinda takes immense pride in her thriving business, which has evolved into a well-established company. She attributes her success to the collaborative spirit of her wonderful team.

Balancing personal and professional life can be a challenging endeavor. Julinda recognizes the importance of setting boundaries and harnessing time management skills to navigate this intricate dance.

Looking to the future, Julinda is driven by her passion for design. She envisions more remarkable creations in the pipeline and aspires to grace the runways of Paris, the global epicenter of fashion.

Julinda Burushi aspires to be seen not merely as a fashion designer but as a strong, independent woman who has achieved her dreams through sheer hard work and dedication. Her journey continues to be a testament to the transformative power of passion and creativity in fashion.


1. Can you share more about the significance of your name, Julinda, and how it reflects your journey in the world of fashion and design?

The meaning of my name Julinda contributes to the fashion industry because “born for you” reminds me of every individual and how everyone has their own unique style, which I try to incorporate into my outfits, bringing us to the unique styles designed at Jberushi.

2. Growing up in the historic city of Kruja must have been a unique experience. How did the rich history and creative ambiance of your hometown influence your artistic sensibilities?

Growing up in Kruja, I saw many beautiful historic architectures, but today, living in New York, I get to see modern structures, giving my outfits an in-between of old and new. This makes every outfit different from each other.

3. You mentioned that your childhood was influenced by being part of an artistic family and being immersed in culture. Could you elaborate on how these early experiences shaped your passion for fashion and design?

Being part of an artistic family was interesting, with my father and uncles playing instruments and my aunts' love for designing. I kept an in-between of music and fashion. While designing new outfits, I keep in mind the change of musical notes and how my outfits are uniquely different.

4. Your fascination with fashion began at an early age, inspired by your aunts' sewing business. Can you recount a specific memory or dress that left a lasting impression on you during those formative years?

When staying with my aunts, I would get curious, so at the age of 5, I started creating my own dresses for
my dolls. I still remember the first dress I created; it was a beautifully patterned brown fabric with hints of beige, black, and red that created the form of a dress with a lacy bottom. The dress was held together with a beautiful button near the torso.

Designer: Julinda Burushi - @jberushi / @julinda_berushi
Photographers: Jordan Farkas - @jordantylerphotography
Gustino Fani - @giustino.fani
Kevin schumacher - @jerry_the_kittah
Nicole Nicora - @nicole.nicora

5. Your fascination with fashion began at an early age, inspired by your aunts' sewing business. Can you recount a specific memory or dress that left a lasting impression on you during those formative years?

The transition between settings is always difficult, but something that kept me going was my courage, my dreams, and my passion for fashion & design. Some challenges that I faced were rejection because of the difference in styles. In Italy, I’ve noticed that the styles are more laid back and casual, but here I’ve noticed the designs are more extravagant and “powerful.”

6. Designing T-shirts and collaborating with brands allowed you to express your creativity. Could you delve into some of the design concepts or collaborations that hold a special place in your heart?

Working with different brands and people has been a pleasure, and working with people from different backgrounds and cultures has impacted me strongly. Seeing people with different cultures and traditions has only made me realize the specialty and beauty of each place.

7. As a fashion designer, you mentioned considering your audience's preferences while infusing your cultural background into your designs. Could you share a specific instance where your cultural heritage played a pivotal role in creating an exquisite dress?

I’m in the process of designing a red dress with black detailing that represents the Albanian flag. This design is not only special to me but to all my fellow Albanians in the field.


8. Your impressive accomplishments include runway shows in NYC and Milan. Can you describe the emotions and experiences associated with walking the runway in these prestigious fashion capitals?

When doing the runways in NY, backstage was just a little stressed, hoping everything goes smoothly, but the moment your designs are being displayed, you get this rush of adrenaline and excitement. When doing the runway in Milan, backstage things were calmer than in NY. Both shows were a big step for me, and I’m proud of both of them as I was going through a mix of emotions.

9. Building your business into a company and working with a dedicated team is a remarkable achievement. Can you tell us about a pivotal moment or project that marked a turning point in your career as a fashion designer and entrepreneur?

Even though I've always had the desire to open a business/company, the moment that marked a turning point in my career, when I officially decided to open my business, was when I saw other designs being shared, and I decided to share my ideas and contributions in the fashion industry online.

10. Balancing personal and work life is a common challenge for professionals. Could you share some strategies or insights you've gained in maintaining this balance while pursuing your passion?

Even though it’s difficult, setting boundaries is something that has to be done. Enjoying your job is something that helps with that. When it comes to your personal life, enjoy it, and don't have any regrets when it comes to loved ones because my amazing team & family are what push me to keep going.

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