Kathleen Frankie

Bringing Anti-Aging to Los Angeles
R3 Medical Launches Their New Beverly Hills Office Under the Leadership of President Kathleen Frankie

By Guillaume Jean Lefebvre

R3 Medical, a company that already spreads across nine countries, including the Philippines, Pakistan, South Africa, Mexico, and India, recently expanded to open a new office right here in Beverly Hills. This major step forward in making R3’s anti-aging technology increasingly accessible comes from the tireless work of President Kathleen Frankie, a business woman, mother, and passionate believer in R3’s mission.

“We are bringing stem cell therapy to a whole new level in Los Angeles, it truly is an exciting new chapter for our company,” says Frankie when asked about the newest addition to R3’s offices. “We have come so far as a business and I couldn’t be prouder of my team.”

Frankie got candid about how the path to opening this Beverly Hills office was not always easy. Finding the right people to join the team was a challenge as the R3 Medical team isn’t just a corporation. As Frankie herself says, R3 Medical is “like a small family,” so in opening a new office it isn’t just about finding staff members, but trusted people to be welcomed into the R3 family. What was most important to Frankie was finding like-minded people who understand what R3 Anti-Aging stands for.

While R3 medical is the place for top of the line anti-aging stem cell therapy, it also stands on a platformy of accessibility. R3 does serve an exclusive clientele of athletes, celebrities, actors, and more, but R3 also cares about bringing stem cell therapy to those who need it most. The “Our Heroes” program, first started in 2018, is specifically tailored for the brave veterans that deserve to be honored.

Some of the impressive and almost unbelievable services R3 offers in their brand new med-spa includes stem cell therapy, IV therapy, and cutting-edge cosmetic procedures. The PRP facials, for example, is a procedure that truly sets back the clock and erases those stubborn fine lines. As well, R3 goes beyond just visible transformations and aims to bring life changing relief to skeletal and joint pain. The med-spa offers a comprehensive regenerative therapy curriculum, encompassing MSK (musculoskeletal) treatments and sound joint injections to bring youth back to your body on an even deeper level.

To celebrate the opening of this hub for stem cell therapy in Los Angeles, R3 hosted a launch party with A-list attendees such as R3 Anti Aging’s CEOs David and Debbie Greene and the fearless leader herself, Kathleen Frankie. As well as R3’s visionary leadership team, the event was also attended by loved celebrities such as Canadian soap stars Cassandra and Andrew Walker, rom-com star Jesse Metcalfe of "John Tucker Must Die," Irish actor Aiden Turner, renowned model and entrepreneur Patrick Hazelwood, Canadian film icon and director Crystal Lowe, and Canadian TV host Cameron Mathison.

This star-studded event is just the beginning of the exciting mark R3 medical is sure to leave on Los Angeles. With these groundbreaking cosmetic and therapeutic options, the demand for a spot in R3’s med-spa is sure to be high. To experience all the positive change R3 can provide, visit their office at the Penthouse on Wilshire Avenue, an exclusive office floor that brings a layer of luxury to your med-spa experience, with stunning views of the city below.

R3 Medical and President Kathleen Frankie are bringing medical innovation to Beverly Hills and we can’t wait to see what they do next!


1. Congratulations on the opening of R3 Medical's new office in Beverly Hills! Can you share the inspiration behind this expansion and how it aligns with R3's mission in anti-aging technology?

Opening R3 Beverly Hills seems like a smart move for the R3 brand. We needed a home in California, and Beverly Hills is so welcoming to any businesses related to anti-aging and wellness. We also have ambassadors that are based here in Los Angeles, so we already have a family here. Beverly Hills is a place where people appreciate cutting edge medicine, and it aligns with what the R3 brand is truly all about.

2. As the President of R3 Medical, you mentioned the importance of the team feeling like a small family. How did you go about selecting the right individuals to join R3's family for the new Beverly Hills office?

Finding the right team members is always challenging. Having the right people in your team is one of the keys to having a successful brand. It's important to me that our staff share the same values and believe in what we are doing as a company. I want to make sure that our staff understands that, despite all the challenges we face as a company, we face it together as a family. At the end of the day, we are all passionate about helping others have a better quality of life. I can sense when what we do for work touches our employee’s heart. Leading a team for many years, I’ve learned to easily detect if our staff members are truly passionate about what we do, or if they’re just getting by. I’ve been lucky to be with a group of people who understand that we are all trying to grow together. Our Patient Journey Director, Crystal Lowe, has been a Brand Ambassador for R3 Stem Cell; I chose her to help me lead our team in Beverly Hills because we share the same values and passion in helping others.

Model: Kathleen Frankie
Photographer: Filbert Kung
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3. Opening a new office often comes with challenges. Can you elaborate on some of the hurdles you faced in the process, and how you overcame them?

I had to learn how to be patient in getting the clinic started. It’s part of my personality to not wait around for things. When I want something, I want to make it happen fast. It was challenging getting our permits done, and it was a lot of waiting around. I had to constantly remind myself that great things will happen if I just wait.

4. R3 Medical seems to cater to a diverse clientele, including athletes, celebrities, and veterans through the "Our Heroes" program. How do you balance serving an exclusive market with the commitment to accessibility for those who need stem cell therapy?

We cater to a demographic of people who are seeking a better quality of life. We truly educate our clients on how regenerative therapy can slow the progressions of their conditions, and we give them the opportunity to live their lives in healthier ways. We want the opportunity to help those who are in need of help regardless of their walk of lives.


5. The med-spa at R3 offers a range of services, from stem cell therapy to PRP facials. Could you highlight one or two services that have shown particularly impressive results or garnered significant attention?

Our R3 Brand has done over 23,000 regenerative procedures worldwide. We use IRB-approved protocols to ensure patient safety because that is and will always be our number one priority. I can also say that our IV vitamin infusions help a lot of people with their overall wellness and health. We have numerous other treatments that we offer at R3 Anti Aging Beverly hills such as hormone therapy, laser procedures, weight loss programs, and other aesthetics procedures.

6. The launch party for R3's new hub in Los Angeles had an impressive guest list. How do events like these contribute to R3's brand visibility and outreach?

Our campaign shoot was really more like a family get together. It's not often that we can gather everyone in one place due to everyone’s schedules. We were missing our COO and one of our core members, Fred Legaspi, due to his travel schedule, but other than that, I was thankful that we had a good family reunion. We will be having our grand opening party at a later date as we are still going through a rooftop renovation.

9. The office at the Penthouse on Wilshire Avenue sounds luxurious and exclusive. What kind of experience can clients expect when visiting this location, and how does it enhance their med-spa experience?

We are fortunate enough to have a place that is exclusive and luxurious. Walking into R3 Anti-Aging Beverly Hills is like stepping into an art gallery that gives you a sense of enjoyment and comfort. Our wrap-around rooftop gives you the perfect view of Beverly Hills and the surrounding area. It’s private, exclusive, and luxurious. We give you the art of anti-aging!

10. Looking ahead, what exciting developments or innovations can we expect from R3 Medical in the near future? Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives you're particularly enthusiastic about?

As leaders in our industry, we always try to find cutting-edge procedures for our patients while delivering the utmost care. As we focus on rolling out our red carpets at our new home in Beverly Hills, there are plans to open up a few more locations in the next year— not just here in the United States, but also to our international clinics. We have plans to start performing advanced treatments for women that are currently not offered here in this side of the country. Stay tuned!

7. R3 Medical is described as offering cutting-edge cosmetic procedures. Can you provide more insight into these procedures and how they contribute to R3's overall approach to anti-aging?

We offer botox and fillers; however, we have our regenerative aesthetics procedures using PRP or exosomes that help with anti-aging procedures. When doing anything related to aesthetics, I always feel that it is one of the best routes to making you look rested and like a younger version of yourself. It is about enhancement— not to completely change the way you look.

8. Your commitment to bringing life-changing relief for skeletal and joint pain is commendable. Can you share some success stories or testimonials from individuals who have experienced transformative results through R3's regenerative therapy curriculum?

We have had plenty of great outcomes and success stories with our joint injection procedures, although patients should keep in mind that outcomes will vary according to their own individual conditions. One of the stories that I will not forget is when we had a professional ballroom dancer that had bone on bone on her ankle and was no longer able to enjoy dancing. She came in for a procedure, and months later she found her way back to the dance floor.

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