By Stephanie Gaspard
Edited & corrected by Eclair Magazine

Miss Europe-Asia:

A Spectacular Fusion of Beauty and Fashion

On June 19, 2021, the inaugural edition of the Miss Europe-Asia international beauty and fashion contest took place at the luxurious Hotel Normandy le Chantier in the prestigious district of Paris. It marked a significant moment as the fashion capital emerged from the challenging health crisis, proclaiming the enduring power of beauty. The historic hotel, with its exquisite Napoleon III-style hall, welcomed international contest finalists, esteemed fashion professionals, and the enthusiastic public. In light of the prevailing circumstances, the event was carefully tailored to ensure the well-being of all attendees by inviting a limited number of guests.

The visionary founder of the Miss Europe-Asia contest, Stéphanie Gaspard, set forth an ambitious goal: to discover fresh faces, unite candidates and designers from diverse countries, crown the Miss and her runners-up, and promote models representing different beauty standards from around the world. "Our intention is to introduce attendees to the captivating world of beauty and fashion while fostering lasting professional connections. Throughout the contest, young ladies have the opportunity to connect with model agencies and fashion designers, who in turn can discover new beauty muses. It's a win-win situation, but seizing the opportunity is always crucial," Gaspard explained.

The contest's format was innovatively adapted to accommodate the prevailing health situation, with the voting process to determine the semi-finalists and finalists conducted online. Candidates from 15 countries, including Belarus, China, France, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Sri Lanka, and more, showcased their talent. The jury faced the arduous task of selecting the crème de la crème, focusing on professionalism and individuality. As a result, each Miss exuded a distinct personality and an enchanting charm, affirming that beauty is a universal language that quickens the heartbeat.

The coveted title of Miss Europe-Asia was bestowed upon Mariia Arsentieva, representing Germany. Mariia, a professional model, currently works with a renowned German modeling agency. The second-place honor was claimed by Fiorella Bator, a candidate from Uruguay who now resides in the south of France. Diana Melnychuk from Ukraine secured the third-place position, while Vilena Kalandzionak from Poland was honored with the Special Jury Prize. Kristina Alekhno from Belarus emerged as the People's Choice Award winner based on the online vote. The Miss Photo Model Prize went to Ninon Dechavanne from France. Congratulations to these charming Misses!

Among the esteemed finalists were Monica Chin from China, Lubov Daniluk from Ukraine, Haykuhi from Armenia, and Zizzat from Kazakhstan.

The distinguished jury comprised renowned fashion professionals, including Lionel Dejean, president of the City Models agency in Paris; Zanna Daskova, model scout from the Metropolitain agency in Paris; Serguey Chatel, makeup artist at Lancôme and founder of the Serguey Chatei beauty brand in Paris; Svetlana Ogan, director of the New Stars models agency in Georgia; Yuliya Barouskaya, a producer from Belarus; Christian Aroule, a fashion photographer, and Ekaterina Cherkasova, a fashion designer, artist, and painter.

The contestants showcased stunning costumes and accessories provided by renowned designers and haute couture fashion houses, including Ekaterina Cherkasova, founder of Minerva Paris; Cécile Descombes, milliner and founder of Cécile Descombes Paris; Jenny Sacerdote; and Fourys laboratory.

The models' make-up was skillfully done by the professionals from "Makeup Academy Paris" (MAAP). The event was hosted by the elegant performer Marie Zarifa. This jazz singer captivated partners from New York who had come to France especially for the event.

The evening unfolded in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Following the awards ceremony, everyone was invited to a cocktail party to celebrate the event in a relaxed setting. The following day, the Misses embarked on a city tour in a limousine to explore the iconic landmarks while being photographed by professional photographers in haute couture outfits. Paris truly embodies a movable feast for these stunning beauties!

The "Miss Europe-Asia" contest has had a promising start. We anticipate new triumphs from its organizers and congratulate the beautiful winners!

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