Patricia Ann Boyd:

A Symphony of Triumphs

By Guillaume Jean Lefebvre

Patricia Ann Boyd, a name intricately woven with Latin and Irish roots, narrates a tale of resilience, passion, and relentless pursuit of dreams. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, her journey unfolds against the backdrop of challenges, triumphs, and an unyielding spirit.

Influenced by her adopted grandmother, Patricia's childhood in children's homes paved the way for a unique blend of influences, from iconic models like Cindy Crawford to the enchanting rhythms of Madonna. Defining moments emerged from the choir stages of primary school, where trophies were won, to secondary school concerts, where Patricia danced and sang her way into the spotlight.

As a teenager, Patricia's passions blossomed through dance groups, self-made dance routines, and early ventures into modeling. Her journey led her to cover bands, singing and dancing on stages across clubs and pubs. The pursuit of creativity continued alongside her academic challenges, marked by intermittent school attendance and a tumultuous academic background.

In her late twenties, Patricia's return to higher education culminated in a degree in Business Management. Despite the twists and turns, her academic pursuits mirrored her tenacity in facing life's complexities.

The professional trajectory of Patricia's life is a tapestry of accomplishments. From gracing local newspapers to recording songs in Chicago, winning sales achievements in Ireland and America, and featuring in Miss Northern Ireland photographic heat, Patricia's journey is one of diverse experiences.

Approaching her work with determination and dedication, Patricia exudes passion and motivation. Her mantra is to dream big, remain consistent, and persist through challenges. She champions the belief that age is no barrier, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the journey and surrounding oneself with positivity.

Proud moments punctuate Patricia's career, from reclaiming education to modeling against societal norms, losing weight, and gracing covers in Milan and London. Her story is one of breaking barriers and sharing her narrative through various platforms, including Times Square billboards.

Balancing professional pursuits with caregiving responsibilities and health challenges, Patricia finds solace in walks with her dogs, gratitude practices, and humor. Looking ahead, she contemplates ventures into life coaching, therapy, and continued learning.

Patricia envisions being perceived as a resilient spirit whose past doesn't define her. A strong and brave individual with intentions for herself and others, she aims to inspire those facing adversity. Patricia's story is a testament to rewriting narratives, proving that anything is possible, regardless of circumstances or age.


1. Can you provide more insights into the origins of your name, Patricia Ann Boyd, and the cultural influences that shaped your identity, considering the Latin and Irish roots?

- My mother's middle name is Patricia, my middle name Ann is after my mum's stepsister Ann, and Boyd. I’m not fully aware of the origins exactly due to the complexities of our family history, my mother being adopted and having no other family members to ask. I was told my father is half Italian, and Boyd is not the original biological name. I wasn't shaped by any cultural roots as I wasn't brought up in any specific culture or section. As I was brought up in the children's homes, there was a wide diversity of different nationalities and cultures, etc., but I always had an affinity for Italy growing up strangely enough, but I will always love the Irish culture for their friendly nature like Italians and the Irish humor.

2. Growing up in children's homes must have presented unique challenges. Can you share more about the defining events and individuals who influenced your resilience during that period?

- The individuals that helped me during this period most prevalently were my adopted grandmother, key members of staff, a few social workers & outside childhood friends who kept me positive. Being in the home, the staff tried to keep the atmosphere upbeat even though it was strict; they held regular events for all the children to come together and create fun & I also shared a bedroom with other girls who were like my sisters-family which helped keep morale up. The home paid for me to go to a then well-known modeling & deportment school which encouraged my interests. We were made to go to church and all the events with the church and encouraged to join in clubs and bible study, etc., and prayed before eating and before bed by our beds. Being a young Christian helped me believe in miracles and that anything is possible through God; this is all that kept me resilient & positive.

Photographer: Marc Evans- @marc_evans_photography
Model: Patricia Boyd- @armaniiwhyite
Mua: Nevia Varisco- @nerviavariscomakeupartist
Fashion Dress Designer: Carmela Franco- @carmela_franco_fashiondesigner
Jewellery Designer: Ingrida Šukštaitė Šemaliūnė- @Ingridhandmadejewellery7

3. Your early involvement in choir, dance, and modeling showcases a diverse range of interests. How did these experiences evolve over time, and what role did they play in shaping your artistic pursuits?

- All these experiences played a role in giving me discipline, motivation, self-confidence and enabled, trained and prepared me to pursue my artistic interests further to be in the limelight, on stage in front of large audiences and in front of the camera which evolved into me joining a popular Irish cover showband at 18yrs and then going on to auditioning further with other bands as a front singer & dancer in clubs, touring around Ireland & England. I also took singing lessons to improve myself and progress further. I recorded one of my own original songs in a recording studio in Chicago. I joined dance groups and danced at events and in a music video. I progressed further into modeling for papers, on the front cover & magazines & events And then further modeling recently in Milan & London at 52/53 yrs of age and appearing on Times Sq NYC Billboard and front cover publications.

4. From local newspapers to international publications, you've achieved remarkable milestones. Can you highlight a few key moments in your professional journey that hold special significance for you?

- When I first saw myself in front of the paper and buying it and no one knowing it was me made me smile. Being out and then approached by a supporter of the band or paper modeling, signing autographs and speaking to them also made me smile. Recording my own original song in a recording studio in Chicago in my 20s. Going to Milan after losing 6 stone and getting photographed by Marc Evans, meeting Kate Cast International Vogue Model, going to a recent fashion magazine event in Milan & then London doing a shoot with photographer Steven Harrison Brown & getting published appearing on the front of magazines and Times Square NYC Billboard.


5. Describing your work approach as determined and dedicated, can you share specific instances where your unwavering commitment played a pivotal role in overcoming challenges or achieving success?

- Specific instances that reside in my mind looking back where being determined & dedicated with unwavering commitment helped me overcome instances in my personal life behind the scenes going on at the same time whilst trying to achieve my goals were.
Growing up visiting my mother in a Mental Health Institution Hospital for years which was extremely difficult & traumatic for me to witness at times, My adopted Grandmother died, Surviving & overcoming years of domestic abuse from a family member, Meeting my father for the first time in my late teens then being rejected by him was devastating, living in bedsits with having little money and being homeless a few times and whilst exercising, all these events were going on in the background while I did my singing & dancing on stage, modeling, studying for my Degree and other jobs I had with lack of sleep & sometimes feeling broken inside
Having this unwavering commitment & dedication helped me applying myself to the various roles, I used these painful & challenging experiences to propel and drive me further as a driving force inside which enabled me to do those jobs and achieve success. Then later again becoming homeless with nothing in a Woman Aid Refuge Hostel for domestic violence for nearly a year after my marital breakdown had to be another challenging experience of my life & starting all over again. After these experiences I suffered ill health and was then diagnosed with a physical medical condition after struggling to walk and unable to get out of the bath one day, this was very difficult for me to accept and having to slowly rebuild my physical health again going from being extremely driven, energetic, active and a high achiever in the spotlight. And lastly, I recently lost 6 stone through sweat & tears & pain having poor ill health & caring for my mum. And then going on to rekindle my modeling at 52/53 yrs old. All these things gave me above gave me resilience.

9. Your desire to be perceived as someone who defies societal norms is powerful. How do you see your legacy evolving, and what impact do you hope to have on individuals facing adversity, especially women?

- I would like to stand as an inspiration for all women. If they hear my story & I get my message across to other women or one person going through something, and if it helps them in any way, then I'm happy & that you can dream big and achieve things regardless of your circumstances or age. I’d like to leave a footprint so that younger girls from a similar background can believe that anything is possible to achieve their dreams and ambitions & follow their own unique path & heart, and that your past does not define you, and every day is a new day to rewrite your story.

10. Given your rich life experiences, what are some key lessons you've learned, and what advice would you offer to individuals, especially young women, navigating their own unique paths?

- To keep believing in themselves, not feel ashamed of where they’re from or circumstances & that you are not any less because of where you grew up. For years, I felt ashamed to tell anyone about my true self and background which did hinder personal close relationships for me. If you dream it, you can surely live it, don’t listen to negativity and try to surround yourself with positive like-minded people who lift you up and cheer you on, accept constructive criticism and positive advice, find a mentor, keep learning and developing yourself, ask questions, life is short and it's not a rehearsal, never judge a book by its cover, you are the author of your story, and if you can help others along the way as I believe it always comes back even if they don’t appreciate it, stay true to yourself and your passions, fill yourself up with positive things and be grateful for what you have and look at all the positives instead of the negatives & keep doing more of what makes your spirit happy, put your past behind you learn and move on from it, we only have the present and future, travel and see the world, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone to achieve your goals and if you fail, try again or if you can't find a way, make one, let things flow in & out of your life instead of forcing things to happen, if it's surely is for you, it will find you, and when one door closes, another opens, sometimes a better one, look after yourself and your mental health stop worrying what other people think they are probably worrying about their own lives, don’t be afraid to take risks, it's never too late to start again no matter what age I have definitely learned this.

6. Juggling professional pursuits, caregiving, and health challenges is undoubtedly complex. How do you manage to strike a balance between your professional and personal life, and what coping mechanisms do you rely on?

- It can be difficult at times. Great patience, using my car as my office (lol), listening to motivational, inspirational, gospel speakers & mentors, life coaches, exercising, learning to pace myself, being with my dogs in nature and peaceful scenic walks helps clear my head, church, meditation, doing a self-development course which helps me try to remain positive & grateful, positive self-talk, my Irish humor & helping others in my own little ways.

7. Your academic journey had its share of challenges. Could you elaborate on how you navigated through these obstacles and the significance of obtaining a degree in Business Management?

- Being bullied and not going to school wasn't pleasant, and having responsibility at a very young age looking after my mum was a collective of circumstances that did not help. I knew I wanted to go back and study at some point and prove to myself I could, as I was capable, being in the 2nd highest class in school. I learned computer skills so I could do my assignments and applied consistency & kept studying even when it seemed overwhelming. I was very proud of myself when I graduated after a few years; it paid off.

8. Looking ahead, you mentioned contemplating roles such as a life coach or therapist. What specific goals and projects do you envision for your future, and how do you plan to continue your journey of learning and growth?

- I would ideally love to use my life experiences in some way to help others & work with young girls/women navigating throughout the care home system, as it can be a daunting lonely, confusing experience & it’s so easy to go down the wrong path, which I had on many occasions to my own detriment and unfortunately learned the hard way when you don't have proper life skills put in place from lack of parental guidance. To be a counselor, therapist of some sort would be satisfying & do courses to develop myself further. I'd also like to write my biography in detail & if my story can inspire or motivate anyone to keep going is a bonus.

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