Beyond Lupin: Exploring the Artistry and Inspiration with

SOUfiane Guerrab

By Guillaume Jean Lefebvre

1- Even though you play a central character in the successful Netflix series Lupin, could you introduce yourself for those who are just discovering you?

My name is Soufiane Guerrab, and I am a French actor of Moroccan-Italian origin. I began my journey in the world of acting 15 years ago and have had the privilege of collaborating on various successful films and series, including The School Life (pre-nominated for the César for this role), Deephan (Golden Palm), Call My Agent, and Lupin on Netflix, among many other exciting projects.

2 - Let's talk about your early days in the world of cinema. What initially sparked your interest in comedy and dramatic arts?

I believe I've always been an artist, a creator, someone who enjoys bringing ideas to life. However, envisioning myself as an actor at a younger age wasn't something I had anticipated. Cinema, for me, seemed like a closed world. Then, one day, due to a misunderstanding, I found myself at 18 on a movie set. I was walking around Paris in the middle of summer wearing a t-shirt when a light rain began to fall. Seeking shelter, I entered a black tent where many people had sought refuge. Unbeknownst to me, it was a cinema tent with the combo (the director's place) installed. Initially, they didn't agree to let me stay until the rain stopped, but since it never did (laughs), I remained with them and discovered the world of cinema during a prolonged, torrential rain. A few days later, under that famous tent, I met an agent who sent me my first casting, and that's where it all began. Cinema, quite unexpectedly, descended upon me like a torrential summer rain (laughs).

3- Can you share a key moment from your childhood that influenced your decision to become an actor?

As a child, I cherished riding horses in Morocco, specifically in the desert. It taught me that while there are roads for cars, predetermined paths, there is so much more beyond them. With a horse, you can venture off the beaten track, creating your own path instead of adhering strictly to the road. I believe that, at that moment, my walks in the desert allowed me to expand the boundaries of my mind :)

4- Lupin Part 3 has been a massive success worldwide. How has the response been for you, and what do you think sets Lupin apart from other series in terms of its global appeal?

Lupin is an extraordinary adventure; it's a chance to be part of a project like this. I love shooting with Omar Sy, who carries the series on his shoulders. Paris is also a significant character in the series. I believe Paris plays a central role in the show. Everyone loves Paris (laughs), and even more so after watching Lupin (laughs).


5- Your portrayal of Saïd in Lupin has garnered praise for its depth and authenticity. How did you approach bringing this character to life, and what challenges did you face in portraying such a complex role?

My character is caught between two worlds: his passion for Lupin and his determination in his work. He has the soul of a child, filled with certainty. He goes to the end of his ideas. I think people appreciate this character because he believes in himself. He rushes headlong when he believes in something without looking around, even if no one follows him. We should all be a little like him in life! (Laughs) Run when we believe in things, when we believe in ourselves.

6- Having been part of Lupin since its inception, how has your character evolved, and what aspects of Saïd's journey resonate with you personally?

I try to give the character more depth with each performance; I am fortunate to have this character with whom I can play on the nuances. Omar Sy also helps me a lot in bringing my character to life, making him evolve.

7- Lupin has gained acclaim for its diverse and talented cast. How does it feel to be part of a series that not only entertains but also promotes inclusivity in storytelling?

Lupin is a reflection of today's society—the tendency to no longer look at each other, the growing individualism with each passing day. We must not just see each other but truly look at each other! Lupin encapsulates these aspects well! :)

Actor:Soufiane Guerrab - @Soufiane_guerrab
Photographer: Guillaume Plas - @guillaume_plas.
Location: Hôtel 5 Codet, Paris
Agency: Agence French Lights - @agencefrenchlights

8- Do you have any particular memories from film shoots or significant moments in your career that have had a meaningful impact on you as an artist?

Each film leaves a mark. Being an actor means putting yourself in the shoes of people, sometimes people who look like you, and other times people who are totally different. I participated in films that changed me. "Patients," a film by Grand Corps Malade and Medhi Idir, enriched me a lot, for example. I played the role of a disabled person. It's strange when you put yourself in the shoes of someone who can no longer move, who is paralyzed. We reevaluate a lot of things after that.

9- Outside of cinema, what are your personal hobbies and interests that contribute to your balance as an individual and artist?

I like music and sports: music to stimulate my imagination (laughs) and sports to surpass oneself!

10- How do you choose your film projects, apart from Lupin, and what attracts you to a specific script or character?

I am very attentive to the director; I listen to him a lot. I listen to his film, and I also listen to him as a person. Humans are very important. Playing is giving yourself, and you need real confidence with the director. This is what is most important to me! As for the roles, it doesn't matter. You have to tell the story of a man—his job, his origins, the color of his sweater—I'm not interested! I want to tell his story.

11- What values or lessons have you acquired over the years that guide your approach to the acting profession today?

We must realize the luck we have; everything can stop. There is no point in running; what belongs to you, life will keep it for you. You have to believe in what is impossible. There is a miracle in belief. Believe in yourself! :)

12- What advice would you give to young actors aspiring to follow in your footsteps in the film industry?

Don't give up; life is a boat crossing. We don't control the weather. Storms must not stop you. You have to endure the ups and downs. Like the waves! :) I love poetry - laughter.

13- Beyond the professional aspect, how do you envision your contribution to the world of cinema in the years to come? Are there any genres or roles you would like to explore further in the future?

I write a lot; I would like to tell my stories, our stories. There is still so much to say!

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